This machine used to be a Sinbad, now it is something else.

At one point there was a software company named Merlin. They had someone retheme this Sinbad into a “Merlin” – which was a Linux Tux penguin with a wizard hat. I’m guessing this was in the late 90’s because on the apron “Merlin” is chasing Windows NT.

I got this machine from a Realtor who sold the house of the man who once owned the software company. After the house sold the man gave the Realtor the pinball machine. It sat in the house until a couple days before the new owners took possession – at which time the Realtor just wanted the machine out of there. He contacted me.

The retheme is pretty terrible and it will not be worth it to convert it back to a Sinbad. It is missing the original backglass and I don’t think I can get the retheme paint off without wreaking what is below it. That said, the mechanics and boards are all very clean – perhaps one of the cleanest I’ve seen.

I’ve been looking for a machine to retheme and this is a perfect example. I’ve decided I’ll paint it in UV reactive paints and light it with black lights. The theme will be based on a spooky dark ride.

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