Let's Play Pinball!

Pinball machines in Seven’s Pinballorama are on free play. Visitors pay a single price to get in the door. Sort of an all-you-can-eat pinball buffet. 

Free Play
The nice thing about free play is some games offer something different if you don’t have to worry about paying for each play. We have a Bally Motordome which isn’t very interesting on it’s own, but in free play you can just mess around and try for the difficult shot to the top right saucer. Also, new players are more willing to step up to a machine if they aren’t dropping $1 a game and the game only lasts 60 seconds.

Classics and Antique Pinball Machines:
Seven’s Pinballorama will be a place you can find older machines. You can always discover newer machines scattered around in bars, but where can you play Time Zone, Skateball, James Bond 007, or an old machine from the 60’s? How about an old woodrail from the 1950’s or one of the original bingo machines without flippers? Rarely will you see these machines in a public environment.

We have some machines that are probably too old to be setup for public play, so these will be brought in for display only and the machines will change from time to time.

We don’t want to call this a pinball museum, but it will have elements of a pinball museum.

Where did these machines come from?

We spent several years hunting down these machines and buying them from collectors or just people who had an old machine in their garage. Many didn’t work or were in bad condition when we bought them. A few machines were donated.

Do you sell pinball machines?

As a general rule: no.

Do you buy pinball machines?

We are always on the lookout for new titles. If you have a machine you’d like to sell, contact us.

I have a pinball machine but it’s broken. Can you fix my machine?

We are currently not setup to accept pinball repairs nor do we have time to make house calls. Sorry. Maybe sometime in the future.

Is this a Barcade?
No. Bars already have pinball machines. We want to introduce people of all ages to pinball. There is an entire generation of kids that have never played pinball – and when they’re introduced to it, they are fascinated.

That said, we are planning one or two “grown-up” nights a month which will feature alcohol sales. Stay tuned.


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