These are a few of our recommendations on things to do, see, or visit while in Prince Edward Island


Places to Stay

The Dutch Inn: Just minutes from downtown Charlottetown and only a 4 minute walk from Seven’s Pinballorama.

Address: 73 Main St, Cornwall, PE C0A 1H8
Phone: (902) 566-2211

Places to Enjoy a Drink

Modern Brewer’s Village Green: Micro-brewery and tasting room with various events and trivia nights. This is just down the street from Seven’s Pinballorama in the heart of Cornwall.

Address: 30 Church Street, Cornwall, PE C0A 1H4
Phone: (902) 894-2700


Places to Shop

Most Wanted: They have several stores, one in Charlottetown and another in Summerside. This is one of those places that’s always fun to check out because you never know what they might have. Lots of video games and musical instruments and everything in between.

Address: 53 Allen Street, Charlottetown.

HighMart: This is a unique little store with lots of interesting drinks and snacks. Worth a peak inside.

Address: 175 Queen Street, Charlottetown.


Places to Eat

Island Chocolates: Located in Victoria by the Sea (a neat little town in the middle of the south side of the island). A great little chocolate and coffee place.

Address: 7 Main Street, Victoria by the Sea, PE, C0A 2G0

Samuel’s Coffee House:  A great little coffee and espresso place in Summerside. They have a few other locations as well.

Address: 4 Queen Street, Summerside, PE.

Point Prim Chowderhouse: Right next to the Point Prim Lighthouse, this is a fantastic little seafood restaurant. They are seasonal, so check their website before you go.

Address: 2150 Point Prim Road, Belfast, PE

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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Public Holidays: as advertised