We Provide a Safe and Entertaining Venue for Everyone

The following provides an outline of our basic conditions of entry. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe while enjoying the arcade.

Important:  Please do not visit if you or your child have experienced symptoms of illness in the last 72 hours.

Arcade Rules

General Rules

  • No food, drink, humans, or animals allowed on the machines.

    No food or drink from outside the building. Food and drink from Pizza Donair Hub is allowed.

  • Please respect the machines. Hitting, kicking, or damaging the machines is prohibited. No excessive nudging, bumping, or repeated tilting.
  • No running, horseplay, break dancing, or chainsaw juggling.
  • Everyone in the arcade must be a paid entry. No spectators or people “just watching”.
  • Please complete your game. If you decide not to finish the game, please cycle the balls through until “game over”..
  • The arcade is intended to be a fun space for everyone to enjoy. Don’t be a jerk. Rude or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No pets allowed except pet elephants – if you can fit it through the door.
  • Pinball machines break. It’s the result of slamming a 3 oz steel ball against things for hours at a time. Balls might get stuck. If you see a stuck ball, broken rubber rings, or something bouncing around the playfield, please notify the staff.

Rules for Parents

  • Children 10 and under must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
  • Please watch your children.
  • Please do not allow your children to run around the arcade. This is for their safety and others enjoyment.
  • Teach your children how to start and play the machine.
  • Please don’t allow children to start a 4 player game and run off. If they do, please cycle the balls until “game over” for the next player.

Next Game Policy

  • If you want to play a machine someone is currently playing, discreetly put a token (a coin or some other small item) on the glass. This indicates to the current player someone wants the next game.
  • If you are playing and someone puts a token on the glass, please let them have next game. If you want to play again, ask the person if they would like to play a two player game.

Party Rules

We have many people booking parties or large groups during our regular hours. This is great and we can usually accommodate you. We try to schedule larger groups so they don’t overlap each other. If you have a date and time in mind, let us know. If it’s free, we can book you in.

For child parties we require one paid adult for every 5 children. This is to help keep them from running around or being hard on the machines.

Everyone in the arcade must be a paid entry. We used to allow spectators or people “just watching”, but it was too difficult to track and many times we found spectators playing machines – which made things awkward for everyone.

We don’t allow outside food or drinks in the arcade. Pizza Donair Hub next door doesn’t allow outside food or drinks either, but if you decide to have pizza next door for your party, they will allow you to bring in cake. 

Private Events and Booking the Arcade

For private events, availability, and pricing, please contact us. As a rule of thumb, we are currently not booking private events on Friday or Saturday, but other days are available. 

What Our Visitors Say!

Awesome place, great atmosphere and staff. Kid friendly and great games.

Paying for 2 hours of unlimited play is cheaper than dropping money for every game too. A cheap fun evening out.

Basil A.

via Facebook Reviews

Amazing setup and unlike anything else in PEI! Very friendly staff! Definitely worth a visit with the family!

Micah M.

via Facebook Reviews

Must stop here if you love pinball! I had a blast playing some machines I haven’t seen in years. The prices are more than fair and I could easily see myself spending hours polishing up my pinball wizardry. Seven (owner) tinkers away fixing machines while the gentle sounds of arcades past soothes your soul. I really hope this business excels and grows. Thanks for the hospitality Seven! I will 100% stop here anytime I’m on the island. I’ll be back for that Starship Troopers high score!

Josh C.

via Google Reviews

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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Sun: 12pm – 8pm

Public Holidays: as advertised