1973 Bally Nip-It pinball machine. It is in pretty good shape. I bought it from a friend who completely went through the mechanics and got everything running perfectly. I just need to clean it and give it a bit of touch up here and there.

The fun thing about Nip-It is it is one of the few EM machines with multi-ball. At my count, there were only about 18 EM machines made with multi-ball. Granted, many of the old pinball machines with a ball lifter could be multi-ball – just load and fire them all at once – but that wasn’t designed as the gameplay.

Nip-It was also one of the pinball machines Fonzie from the Happy Days TV show used to bang on.

Bally Space Time was the other machine in the show. There were a couple versions of this machine made. Space Time was a four player game. I have the two player version called Time Zone.

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