I have been wanting a Disco Fever for some time now. The theme cracks me up but it also is the first of two machines released by Williams to feature Banana Flippers (IE; flippers shaped like bananas). In my quest to get machines with unique gimmicks, how could I pass up Disco Fever?

This machine is a project and I don’t even know if it works yet. The glass is pretty good and the playfield should clean up well.

Funny story about this particular machine. Someone I know in Canada found this machine and a handful of others. He called me and asked if I was interested in taking 2 or 3 of them in “as is” condition. I went and looked. The backglass in this machine was pretty rough and it was missing a few boards. Based on the price he was asking, I passed.

Months later I met a woman near Seattle through a pinball Facebook group (we were talking about the Roller Disco machine if I recall – another one on my want list). After talking a bit I found out she bought this machine from the person I know in Canada.

Another month or two goes by and she lists a Black Knight. I go down to the States and buy it. She was also interested in selling Disco Fever so I gave it a look. It now has a better backglass and all the boards. She was selling it for less than what I was originally asked to pay.

I came home with both Disco Fever and Black Night.

This machine was wanting me to buy it. It was following me. Hopefully it isn’t because it has a crazy Stephen King type curse on it.

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