I was contacted by a couple that had two “old pinball machines” in storage. They thought one worked and one did not. Apparently about 25 years ago 10 pinball machines were found in a warehouse on Powell Street in Vancouver. This couple decided to take two of them home. They played them for about 10 years until they were retired to storage space in their house. That’s where they sat until I showed up – shoved in the back corner, covered in dust, surrounded by boxes and other unused items.

Backglass is in good shape, just a few minor areas where the paint has worn away. Depending on light placement you probably won’t notice it. The playfield looks good. It’s just dirty. All plastics are in great shape. One drop target is broken. Luckily you can buy new sets of these.

At this point I’m not sure what is wrong with it mechanically – if anything.

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