Picked up this 2 player Bally Speakeasy pinball machine in Portland.

It was only partially working and is my understanding it went through several hands before I got it. It had some interesting work done, but most was easily reversed and put back together.

At one point this (or just the boards) were in Texas. A company called Two-Bit Score has their tags all over in the machine.

Some solder, some new wires, re-crimping pins and a new connector for the solenoid board, and the most important part, a new Alltek MPU. I’m sure the original MPU can be repaired, but since this is going in a public arcade, I’d rather have a new, stable MPU.

The playfield was really dirty, but since this is a resin playfield, it cleans up to like-new condition. It doesn’t appear to be missing any paint.

I really like this machine. I’m a big fan of add-a-ball machines and I think they’re great for a free play setting. It also satisfies two marks off my “collect all the gimmicks” list. It has 5 flyaway targets and a roulette wheel.

The rules are kind of cool. If you collect the 5 lanes at the top of the playfield in sequence (either right to left or left to right) you are awarded 2 add balls. If you get a lane out of sequence, it lets you spend points to remove the out of sequence target. This could pay off if it’s your last ball.

The roulette wheel adds points. You trigger it by the saucers to the left and right located mid-field. It also has one section to add a ball, and another to take away a ball. This is the only machine I know of that will remove a ball like that. The backglass display goes from -2 to +9 balls. I’m looking forward to a game I have negative 2 balls remaining.

From what I can tell, this is going to be a fun two player machine to have on the floor.

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Opening Hours

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