Through some online pinball ad, I met a fellow in Vernon BC who was selling a Robocop. I ended up passing on it but we stayed in contact (as pinball people sometimes do). Months later he said he had a Bally Medusa in pretty good shape up for sale. That’s only a four hour drive from me and an excuse to have a weekend getaway in the Okanagan. Sign me up!

If you have never played Medusa, and you run across one, play it. It’s a unique pinball machine.

It probably has one of the harder skill shots you’ll find. You have to roll the ball over a series of star rollovers as they are lit. Each rollover you hit ads value to the points you get for the spinner.

The upper section has two small flippers which you use to wack away at seven Metamorphic drop targets. Knock one down, two come up. Knock those two down, three come up. Etc. Oh, did I mention these are zipper flippers? Knock a target down and the flippers come together.

At the bottom there is the “Hammer of the Gods” – a center post between the flippers which you control with a right side button. It can fire the ball forward to the top of the playfield.

There are lots of cool elements to this game and it has a fairly complex rule set for it’s era. In fact, it’s a little confusing until you play a few games.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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