I found this pinball machine in Bremerton Washington. Over all it was in good shape, ramps aren’t too bad (which is good because they are very hard to replace), backglass is great, cabinet isn’t bad, it was just really dirty.

This is an unusual machine. Each ball starts as a three ball multi ball. You fire the three balls one at a time up to the “starting position”; then a gate drops and releases the three balls down a ramp. It is supposed to simulate the start of a motocross race – and it does.

Everything under the glass is playfield. This machine has a small lower playfield where the apron and rule cards should be. One flipper on the left side fires sideways and 4 targets to hit.

Five flippers in all, three playfield levels, lots of ramps and tunnels, no pop bumpers, and tons of chaos.

The cabinet for the machine is also unusual. It isn’t square on the bottom. It sort of has a slight V shape to it. Moving this machine with a regular hand truck is a bit wonky.

This will be a fun machine to have on deck because it’s a bit odd. This title has some historical significance since it was the last machine produced by Bally before it was acquired by WMS Industries (AKA: Williams).

Our Blackwater 100 is one of our problem machines at the moment. We pulled it from the arcade and back to the shop to hammer out the issues. Hopefully it will be back on deck soon.

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